While some of the available FSBO models seem like a great way to save money, you just don’t get the visibility that being listed on the MLS provides. It should be fairly obvious that in order to maximize the price for your home, you have to generate the maximum number of interested parties. Greater visibility equals greater potential interest from buyers. Without the MLS and the vast number of sites the MLS feeds into, you are drastically limiting the visibility of your home. Why sell your home for a lower price due to decreased visibility if your goal is to maximize the gain from your sale? You’re saving on one end and potentially giving away money on the other. According to the Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report, just 10 percent of sellers who sold in the last 12 months completed the sale of their home without ever engaging an agent.  Sellers turn to price reductions and play the waiting game to eventually enlist the services of an agent to provide the exposure they need to attract a buyer.  By that time the seller has lost time on the market and buyers who shop the public sites view the home as an old listing.


Homes are still bought and sold the same way they have been for decades. Over the years, most businesses have taken advantage of significant leaps in available technology to create process efficiencies, lowering costs for consumers.  The Real Estate industry is no different, sellers need exposure to buyers who are buying a home look for the assistance of an agent to guide them through the process.  Being on the MLS is key to complete the job.  


My program provides the key ingredient to connect the seller with a willing buyer, to represent and negotiate on the sellers' behalf to maximize and retain the sellers' equity.

June is a real estate agent licensed in Iowa (#S59667000).  iNET-Realty is a registered trade name of Stevens Realty, a real estate brokerage 
licensed in Iowa and California. 

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